Monday, February 06, 2006

Voting Response 

Discounting a handful of duplicate/repeat voters, no less than 250 votes have been received in this year's Locus Poll and Survey by this morning. Last year it took a full month to accumulate that many. Obviously the various notices online, those mentioned earlier plus Cory Doctorow at Boing Boing and Neil Gaiman on his blog and no doubt others, bought in a lot web voters. A quick tabulation of those 250 ballots shows only about 40 -- 16% -- indicating they're subscribers to Locus Magazine; if I recall correctly in previously years the percentage is around 50% by the end of the voting period, and I expect this year's results to move in that direction by the time voting ends. (Voters like me have some remedial reading to do before we're ready to cast our ballots, e.g.)
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king under the dome

doctorow makers

banks transition

kress steal sky

atwood year flood

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wilson julian comstock

 ness ask and answer

collins catching fire

collins hunger games

sawyer flashforward

baker hotel

disch proteus

tan tales

mazzucchelli asterios

zebrowski empties

morrow shambling

hamilton cpt future

beckett genesis

meller evo rx


kurzweil transcend

sawyer wake

ness knife never letting go

barzak love we share

mcewan cement garden

holland sci-fi art

gladwell outliers

bittman food matters

baggini what's it all about

Still in progress:

ross rest is noise

aldiss billion year spree

pollan omnivore's dilemma

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