Sunday, January 08, 2006

Filling in the Gaps 

No progress on the awards website update today -- though I did get two replies to my numerous e-mail queries about the gaps in what I've compiled so far. The first, in fact, was from those very nice folks from the Aurealis Awards, with a complete list of this past year's winners. And my friend Lawrence Schimel supplied the Lambda nominees and winners, and a contact e-mail for further information.

Instead I spent most of today compiling counts of short stories published in the various 2005 magazines and anthologies... something I started years ago when I actually read and reviewed short fiction for Locus Magazine... and which I still do even though I don't read enough current fiction anymore to be one of the magazine's summary reviewers.

Another week or so before the awards site is updated, I expect.
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Still in progress:

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