Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Scam Scam? 

First, thanks to those who, reading the comment thread to an earlier post, actually sent donations in support of Locus Online and/or the Awards Index! Much appreciated. Gives me motivation to work those refinements and finish those enhancements and produce a marketable product. I'll move that Paypal donation button -- still at the bottom of the Locus Online homepage -- upward on the site real soon.

Second, I'm still somewhat behind on routine posts, my FTP access being restricted during certain times of day...

Third, interesting email today, from someone who claims she received a phone call about resubscribing to one of the SF mags before rates increased, only to find it was a scam from some service no longer actually dealing with that magazine. But an initial query to confirm the story with that magazine produced no confirmation... What could be going on here? The clever ways spammers and scammers invent to solicit a response are never-ending...
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