Thursday, May 05, 2005

Impending News 

Emails have been coming in all day alerting Locus about Robert Sheckley's hospitalization in Kiev. Locus doesn't have an explicit policy about reporting news about illness, news that might seem like impending death-notices, but tends to treat such reports cautiously, erring on the hopeful. But the situation governing a website is a bit different than that for a monthly magazine, since a website can be updated daily, or hourly; and so I've posted an item about Sheckley's condition, to let people know, with of course all hopes that this is a temporary state and not something presaging any worse news to come. At least in the short term. That's all any of us can hope.
Bob is getting stronger. He breathed on his own for over 2 hours
today and talk to me, Simon, Anya and the doctors with his own voice. Today the doctors already dare to make predictions. In 3-5 days
they hope Bob will breathe on his own all the time. In 5 days he will
have enough power to stand on his feet and make little walks.

You have my email so you can contact me directly for updates regarding Bob.

Boris Sidyuk
Now, Bob is Ok?
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