Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Format Changes 

Just as I was compiling descriptions for last night's New Books page, Amazon changed its format. I clicked forward and then hit 'back' to return to one of the book pages--and it had changed! The new format displays a larger cover image, enlarges the purchase buttons, and omits the sidebars...

Related: Matthew Cheney's The Locus Portal in the Wayback Machine uses the Internet Wayback Machine to retrieve versions of Locus Online's Links Portal page from as far back as February 2000. Versions, and layouts, I barely recognize myself. While I appreciate the nice things he says about the page, I must confess that I feel like I'm always behind in maintaining it; I have a backlog of email referrals to sites to add; I keep intending to systematically check out links compiled by others (including those on The Mumpsimus) for things I've missed; I figure for every interesting blog on the Links Portal page there must be another I just haven't stumbled across yet. Suggestions always welcome! I'll check them out eventually.
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