Sunday, April 03, 2005

April 3rd 

It's been a busy three-day weekend, what with the many feature reports and reviews that needed to be posted on Friday, so I regret that my announcement here, on Friday, was so brief and abrupt that it caused such an immediate wave of alarmed response -- so alarmed that I simply removed that April 1st post after a very short time (which is probably why you didn't see it). No doubt my hasty post involved miswording that contributed to misunderstanding, and alarm. (What is it about April 1st that causes so much confusion?) So, without the elaborate explanations, just to clarify--

No, I have not withdrawn Locus Online from this year's Hugo ballot.

No, I am not severing relationships with Locus Magazine and relaunching a differently-named site.

No, I have not sold my services to scifi.com and been able to quit my day job.

And no, to any of the other various mis-interpretations of Friday's post, that was so quickly removed.

I shall strive to be more careful about such announcements in the future.
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