Saturday, April 16, 2005


Revised/updated links pages just posted, beginning with the Links Portal page. I believe I've checked every link on all the pages within the past week to verify their validity (broken links I either deleted or Googled the names of to track down the correct current links). The only lingering gap are those new links I've accumulated via Blinks or news stories or book/magazine listings in the past year or two, but neglected to incorporate into the links pages at the time; I still need to review those pages for any such links. I've gotten some of them in the past few days, but I suspect more are to be found. But at least for now, the links pages are correct as they stand, for the moment.
Your post suggests that you are manually checking links. There is an easier way. Simply use the W3C link checker which is a free automated link checker.

I am aware of link checkers like that, and tried that one out, but ended up manually checking all the links anyway... because even if the link is valid, it isn't always an up-to-date site. I replaced quite a few fan and unofficial sites with official author sites that have sprung up since I last thoroughly checked the links; and some invalid links were valid sites that had simply changed URLs. But from now on I will try to use such a link checker periodically to weed out the easy-to-catch deadends.
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