Friday, March 07, 2008

Lost: The Return of Michael? 

On another topic, I'm quite jazzed by the recent episodes of Lost, which not only have had key revelations about the central mysteries of the show in virtually every new episode, but which, in its flash-forward revelations of what happens at the *end* of the series, rather brilliantly indicates that the writers/producers *do* have an over-arching story in mind, an end goal, and are not just making it up as they go along, as some naysayers would suggest.

Last night's episode ended with the announcer predicting the reappearance next week of a character we never expected to see again.... I think this is easy; it's Michael, Walt's father -- just because the actor's name, Harold Perrineau, has been appearing in the opening credits all season. (Yes, I'm a credits geek. I sit through the end credits of every movie I see in theaters, too.)
Dadgum! I wish people would stop talking about LOST until I get through season 2 on DVD.

Looking below at the weird runes your Word Verification filter wants me to type in, I suspect no one may ever see this post. What the hell is that? Usnyxky? Ukksnxxy? Zoxxroxx? Sounds like a Douglas Adams character.

- John

John O'Neill
Black Gate
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