Wednesday, January 16, 2008

PC Transitioned..ing 

All files including Outlook folders copied onto new machine, and up and running here now, on this big new widescreen monitor.

To previous commentator, I did have some Vista problems when I bought the now-broken laptop last March. One old program, Paint Shop Pro v4, seemed to install, but could not be found in file manager or the programs menu. Worse, programs seemed to simply stop working after I'd launched many windows, or opened and closed many files (e.g. graphics files inside PSP), but this problem went away after a couple months, as if the automatically downloaded Windows updates took care of this problem. I haven't had any Vista issues in some time, though I'm not using any fancy software--only MS Office and very basic graphics programs and browsers.

OTOH, I must have figured this out last time, but this evening am frustrated trying to find the settings in Vista to 1) show file extensions in Windows Explorer (or whatever it's called now), and 2) change my mouse setting so hover selects and one click runs, which I've become used to on all my XP machines...

Hardware aside, today I've set up 2008 archive pages on the website, and 2008 directory pages. Awards index updates still proceeding in the background...

--Oh, I am having one odd hardware problem with the new PC, or rather the new 'network adapter' (wifi antenna) that I bought the other day. It works just fine with the new PC is first booted, but after the PC hibernates and is re-awakened, it fails to detect the wireless network; at best it advises that the network signal is very weak, or perhaps there is some interference from another network. But then rebooting the PC seems to reset the adapter, and it picks up and connects the wifi network just fine. Hmm.
I've had the same problem on a Thinkpad since upgrading from Windows 98 that came with it to XP Pro. There's actually a fairly simple solution:

When the machine hibernates or sleeps, pull the network card out of the slot. I have a Linksys card, and it sucks the living daylight out of the battery even when in hibernate/sleep mode. Let the machine start the wakeup cycle, then slap the card back in (or even wait until you've got the Desktop back). Your battery will thank you; you'll reduce heat buildup; and you'll get a fresh connection instead of a dubiously revived one.
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