Sunday, October 09, 2005


The refurbished homepage went up Friday evening, and I've gotten a couple three nice comments about it. It's not SciFi.com slick, but then I don't have their budget. Maybe I'll invest in something more dramatic for Locus Online's 10th anniversary, which is only a year and a half from now (!).

I googled 'locus online' this afternoon to see if Google had cached the revised homepage, and of course it had; I also noticed via those results that Wikipedia now has an entry for Locus Online. (There's been one for Locus Magazine for some time.) Who put it there? I have no idea. I look at Wikipedia once in a while but have never tried editing an entry myself, and remain slightly amazed that their 'anyone can edit' policy works, since invariably the entries I look at seem remarkably well written -- concise and thorough. How can that be if 'anyone' can edit? If there's a 'flaw' I can detect in Wikipedia, it's the inordinate coverage given to aspect of pop culture... e.g. the many many pages about the various Myst games...

Saw Corpse Bride last night, partly due to fortuitous timing (nothing else interesting was playing for another hour) and partly because I assured my partner it was a romantic comedy. Fortunately, I was right. I enjoyed it thoroughly, though as with some previously animated features, I would just as soon have notched the speed control down by 5 or 10%. Why the rush? Perhaps, if Steven (Everything Bad Is Good For You) Johnson is right, it's a deliberate, if unconscious, decision meant to encourage viewers to buy the eventual DVD that will permit repeated viewings...
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