Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Lost Transmission 

Wouldn't you know, but as soon as I get myself committed to watching a TV show every week -- which I've rarely done in the past decade -- then my cable signal goes out. Here it is time for this week's episode of Lost, and my CABLE SIGNAL WENT OUT 45 MINUTES AGO and all I see is static on every channel! (That would be my ADELPHIA cable signal.)

Possibly the disruption is related to the nearby brush fire that erupted this afternoon, on the first late Summer day of Santa Ana winds in the Los Angeles area? No way to know for sure.

UPDATE 9:45: the signal is back. But I can't stand watching a movie or TV episode from part-way through without having seen the beginning. I no more willingly do that than I would pick up a book and start reading from Chapter 12. Grrr.

UPDATE next morning: I've gotten a videotape of the episode. The brush fire rages; only one house burned, but big enough to make national news (e.g. CNN).
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