Friday, February 04, 2005

Technical Difficulties (Yet Again) 

Still having trouble with outgoing email from my home PC via the locusmag.com mail server, which has worked just fine until recently. Checking account settings in Outlook, everything checks OK except for 'send sample email', which fails. I submitted a trouble ticket to CI Host and they responded that their test showed everything is fine. Grr. If I haven't answered your email recently, this is why. (At least I have an excuse.) If I haven't answered your email from 2 or 3 weeks ago, well, it's just because I'm behind as usual.
who is your current ISP provider? a lot of them are now blocking outgoing SMTP connections... like if you are trying to use mail.locusmag.com or whatever, instead of, say mail.sbcglobal.com, as your smtp server, your DSL/cable provider could be blocking, and you may have to set up an "opt out" policy in order to get access to it.

If you use SBC, this was just implemented... see
Thanks -- this is precisely what happened, though it's taken me a couple three days before CI Host suggested checking out the Port 25 filter issue, and another couple days before online and then phone queries to SBC produced results. And another hour, this morning, of resetting and rebooting everything before the outgoing connection from the laptop finally worked again. Thanks for the 'help', SBC...
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