Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Pop You Up 

No objections today to the pop-up on the homepage--?!. The ad agency asked me to do this today only, and despite the... er, what's less that minuscule?... revenues from these ongoing agency-provided banners, I acceded to their request.

Still, deep into January, in catch-up mode. Week #2 of new books will be deferred until next week (because, really, of the dozen plus books I have to list, it's hard to latch on to any one of them as a really significant title), while I devote my attentions to finishing the awards index update. By this weekend. At the latest. Definitely. You have my word on it.

Next week, after that's done, I'll have some books to talk about.
I guess Firefox must be screening it for me. But you might get your ad agency to read this.
...and Safari is blocking it for me. Good call from Cheryl with the link about what annoys users. Thanks to her for posting it. -- Rickk
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