Saturday, January 29, 2005

Tally Miscorrections 

There were a couple subtle fixes to the online poll this morning, to correct or miscorrect the form with respect to the print version, which I only saw later today when my copy of the February issue arrived. For better or worse, I'm not inclined to make any further corrections.

The drop-down offerings for the 'best fantasy story' category will be expanded, however, as suggestions from a few selected experts come in. Again, this is a wide-open category, and when you vote you should think seriously about what your choices for the category might be, using the write-in boxes as appropriate, and only using the drop-down selections as a convenience when they match your choices.

locusmag.com is having some trouble with outgoing e-mail today, which is why several responses to emails last night and today apparently haven't yet been sent. I'm hoping this is the sort of problem that will fix itself (i.e. the problem resides with the hosting service, CI Host, and they'll fix it); if not, I'll pursue a fix tomorrow.

Like others, I'm tickled that my blog is among the select 40 or so listed by James Patrick Kelly in his latest online "On the Net" column for Asimov's Magazine (which I saw via Matthew Cheney's The Mumpsimus). It makes me want to take this space more seriously, and perhaps to cut back on the latte, or whatever.
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