Sunday, July 04, 2004

Locus Poll Stats #1 

I said back at the beginning of this year's Locus Poll process that I would post some observations about voting patterns -- how many voters vote in how many categories for how many items, etc. -- without discussing the actual results themselves. Now that all the results are in, and the winners have been announced (and published), I'll return to this theme -- again, without implying anything about who or how many voted for what.

There were 629 valid ballots. On the ballot, there were 14 categories in which voters could vote for up to 5 items per category -- a total of 70 votes.

How many of the 629 submitted all 70 votes?

Answer: 29. Out of 629. Not very many.

Average? 29.78. I.e., of all ballots, of all 629, on average the number of votes in those 14 categories was 30 out of 70. So lots of people vote, but not in every category.

More stats over the next few days. If you have any particular query you'd like to pose, that I don't supply the answer for, let me know.
What's the print run of LOCUS?
Can you describe what constitutes a "valid ballot?"

I've heard a lot of noise over the years about "unexpected" results being discarded. The Sharon Lee and Steve Miller controversy comes to mind.
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