Tuesday, May 25, 2004


Thanks to anonymous Neil for pointing out the solution to my Paint Shop Pro quandary. It was an irritation that made me use the older version I have, PSP 4, half the time; not the first time I've abandoned an 'upgrade' for an earlier software version that's easier to use.

I signed a contract today with Gorilla Nation to provide advertising to the website. I do have approval control over which advertisers, and what kinds of ads, they'll supply. Wipeovers, anyone? (Or whatever they call those graphics that overlay a site's homepage for a few seconds then disappear.) All ads are nuisances, perhaps, but there's not much other source of revenue for a website such as this...
I despise wipeovers... they are more annoying then popups.
To support the site I frequently use Locus Online links to Amazon and Amazon UK. But I am curious: if I use the link and then buy several books, does Locus Online get credit for each book or just the first? Does Amazon provide you much detail in its statements? It would be interested to know if Locus Online gets much revenue via Amazon.

Steve L.
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