Thursday, May 20, 2004


So, *no one* has left a comment to my previous post (except for me, as a test), which just confirms my suspicion that only 3 people read this blog, and none of them has happened to check in since yesterday evening, or they ignored my invitation to comment. Or that the place to click to leave a comment wasn't clear. Or something.

Meanwhile, an exciting new possible way to subscribe to Locus Magazine is being explored, at least by me, but it is up to the senior executive publishers and editors of the Locus Foundation, sitting in their spacious offices in the Locus Tower high above Oakland California, to approve this idea for further development, or not. You'll know their answer depending on whether you hear anything more about this, or not.
FWIW, I wanted to comment yesterday but couldn't think of anything to say. ;-)

Chris Dodson
FWIW, I wanted to comment yesterday but couldn't think of anything to say. I still can't think of anything to say today, but I figured I'd comment anyway.

Hey, how's it going? ;-)
Whoops, sorry about the double post. I didn't think the anonymous post had worked.
More than three readers! I check in all the time. Don't often get around to commenting, but I'm reading and interested in what you've got to say about things. As to new ways to subscribe, I'll be interested to hear more.

Another reader with little to add.

As an asied, I do have trouble reading your blog in my RSS aggregator. The RSS feed only includes the first line or two and the link to the whole post is wrong, so I have to go find the link to the front page of the blog whenever I want to continue reading the post. Consequently, I don't get all the way through your posts as often as I'd like.
One more reader checking in. I just missed the solicitation for comments in the last entry; I quit reading once I got to the point where it looked like it was just going to be blogspot technical stuff, which doesn't much matter to a LiveJournal & bloglines user like me :)
Ditto previous comments; also, I thought you were soliciting comments on your blogging technical problems, which I'm not qualified to comment on.

I will say anonymity is a very nice option, though it might be problematic if discussions ever got heated.

I generally check here once a day for updates.
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