Sunday, October 14, 2007

Movie Note: Michael Clayton 

It's quite incidental to the film, but I find it significant as an example of typical, or atypical, Hollywood film-making: late in this new George Clooney legal-thriller (which was excellent), we see a car bomb go off from the point of view of the two tough guys who planted it, on a hillside maybe half mile from the explosion. We see the *light* of the explosion a split second before we *hear* the explosion -- just as would happen in real life, though most people wouldn't realize it. It's the sort of thing Hollywood films usually 'correct' for, to avoid raising questions in ordinary audiences' minds; but this time they didn't. Maybe they just didn't think of it.

Meanwhile, planning my trip to World Fantasy Con. I'll be arriving the weekend before in the Boston area, and plan to drive across Massachussetts and nearby states, time permitting, to stop in Albany Tuesday evening and arrive in Saratoga Springs on Wednesday evening, to check in. (Thanks to a tip from Jonathan Strahan, I made my hotel reservation like, sevent months ago; I'm in the main hotel, even have an 'executive suite'.) My con schedule is wide-open; I'm not on the program. Look forward to seeing faithful readers there.
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