Thursday, December 21, 2006

Secure Sockets Layer, and so on 

There's currently a hiatus with the website's security certificate, which a couple visitors to https://secure.locusmag.com/About/Subscribe.html and similar pages have complained about (while many others have proceeded unawares). The nice folks at CI Host seem to be very busy this holiday season, and entreaties to ssl@supportteam.net have so far gone unreplied. Real soon now, I'm sure.

Follow-up on my cruise: the onboard comedians were Lowell Sanders and Merl Hobbs, and there was also a card-trick magician (whose credit was some recent Disney movie called Now You See It) named Bobby Borgia. Quick Google checks show their claims to fame are... doing acts aboard Carnival's Paradise.

Coming soon on Locus Online: sample reviews from Locus Magazine. Including Graham Sleight's "Yesterday's Tomorrows" columns. (Why hasn't such an idea occurred to any of us before? Hmm.) And special to Locus Online--reviews of Children of Men, Perfume, and Pan's Labyrinth. And end-of-year features...

UPDATE Friday morning: the SSL issue seems to be resolved; CI Host finally got back to me about renewing the certificate.
Hi, Mark,
I work with this sort of stuff, e.g. SSL certificates. I can tell by looking that your SSL certificate expired on 11/30/2006. It will need to be renewed to fix the issues you are seeing. In looking at the details of the cert it appears that CI Host registered/renewed it a year ago so they will probably have to handle the renewal.

Take Care,
Dan Geiser
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