Friday, December 08, 2006

About James Jean, and so on 

James Jean, whom I'd previously never heard of, won the World Fantasy Award as Best Artist last month in Austin, Texas, but declined to provide a photo of himself for Locus Magazine's report of the winners (on page 10 of the December issue; he substituted an artistic representation of himself instead). His website has lots of samples of his art, but what I discovered today is a thumbnail photo of him on the Contributors page of the December issue of Wired, which you might check out in case you're curious.

The same issue has the last of Bruce Sterling's published columns for the magazine.

Meanwhile, here at Locus Online HQ, my email service seems to have hiccupped; only 2 new emails since 10:30 this morning, which can't be right. I'll hope the problem will fix itself by tomorrow morning, so I don't have to call them and complain.
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