Friday, March 17, 2006

Not at ICFA 

I'm not at ICFA, where all the cool people in the field gather every March; finances and circumstances didn't permit, this year. Instead, I'm sitting at home posting blinks.

The VanderMeer giveaway contest seems to be stalled; no new submissions in almost 48 hours now, and of the 20 or so received thus far, only 8 have provided a complete set of correct answers. Was the quiz too hard, then? Or do most Locus Online readers already have the book? Anyway, per the initially announced conditions, the contest will remain open for a week, and if there aren't 10 complete sets of correct answers, then the nearest runners-up will get the remaining copies.

PS-- I see now that the post I attempted last night, which seemed to fail 3 times, in fact got posted 3 times. I've deleted two of them. Sorry for the redundancy.
Thanks for running the contest, Mark. Honestly, I was unable to answer all of the quiz questions myself! It might be there are too many or just a few that were a little too hard.

I would have liked to participate in the contest, but once I saw the questions, I thought it was too hard and backed out.

Too bad, since I'd have liked to read it. In any event, the next time I'm in a bookstore and in a serious buying mood, I'll very likely purchase this book.
Hey, Jeff-- I'm pretty sure most of the answers could be found simply by perusing the Locus Online website -- the interview index, the Awards Index, etc. The tie-breaker was the last question about Locus Magazine's debut as a Worldcon bid, but apparently several respondents found that answer by crafty Googling...
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