Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A Little Quiz 

After passing on a couple previous requests from Bantam Spectra, I've agreed this time to set up a giveaway contest for 10 free copies of the latest title they're promoting and which I've posted an exclusive excerpt from... they provide the copies, I set up the contest, and all I have to do is send them the 10 winners' names and addresses. So I've decided to create a little quiz to cull the entrants, and I've incorporated some suggestions from the Locus Magazine staff of questions pertinent to Locus Magazine, to give readers of the magazine (and the website) some advantage. Still, I'm not at all sure if the quiz I've created is too easy, or too difficult. Most of the answers are easily found by anyone conversant with the web, and the Locus Online site... yet I regularly get e-mails from folks unclear about information I thought was perfectly apparent on the website. So we'll see. First 10 respondents with all correct answers get a copy of Jeff's book. Will 10 sets of correct answers appear, in the next week? I'll let you know.

UPDATE, next morning. As comments point out, there was an obvious error in one of the questions, which has now been corrected. My fault! (though I sent it to the magazine staff for their feedback, and they must have missed it too). Obviously no one will be disqualified for not being able to answer that question correctly.

Five correct sets of answers have already been received, so it looks like it won't take long at all to get 10... and next quiz will have to be harder.
Is the name of the publisher correct in the second question?

If it's meant to be a deliberately misleading question and my search skills are just exceptionally bad, then I apologise for doubting you; it's just that it seems so much like something that might be a mistake that I thought it might be better to ask.
No, not meant to be misleading; meant to be pretty obvious...
I had considered that, but the phrasing of the question seemed to clearly rule out the only thing I could think of as being "pretty obvious". Oh well, apparently I was looking at something the wrong way. Thanks for the reply.
I agree that the publisher in the second question seems to be a typo. If you truly meant Bantam Spectra and not Tor, then this forthcoming novel is not listed among Locus Magazine's forthcoming books for 2006.
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