Thursday, December 08, 2005

Wooden Rockets? 

Anyone heard anything about this year's Wooden Rocket Awards (www.woodenrocket.com/)? Voting opening back in September, supposedly, but there's no indication of when voting was to have closed, much less results. I spent a couple minutes poking around on their website looking for an email address, and not finding one (website sin #7, if I recall the numbering). I'm wondering not because I'm especially concerned whether I won again (Locus Online won the 'print to website' category the first two years of the WR awards), but because it's the end of the year and I'm starting to compile awards data from the past year in order to update the Locus Index to SF Awards. Which, I'm thinking about planning to resolve, I will try to figure out how to update more frequently than once yearly. (It's easy to post individual pages without the links between the various indices; more effort each time to update all the indices and links.)

Update 16 Dec: an e-mail reply from Stephen Hunt (who just sold three fantasy novels, beginning with The Court of the Air, in auction to HarperCollins Voyager, for five figures!) assures me that counting is underway, and an announcement of winners should be due around January 1st.
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