Thursday, November 17, 2005

Brief Period 

I've come down with the flu bug that seems to be going around, which means that my past couple days have consisted mostly of sleeping interrupted by brief periods of wakefulness, during which I try to read or check email before growing sleepy again...

Re: my previous post, this recent John Scalzi post illustrates the point much more vividly than I did; you'd almost think I'd read his post (which I hadn't) or he'd read mine (which I doubt). What were those time-stamps again?

Via iTunes we here on Medina Road are now caught up completely with both Desperate Housewives and Lost. I have to admit DH isn't quite as compelling this season, in that there's no overarching plot to unify the various character threads, as there was with the mystery that drove season one. The emerging issue this season seems to be how long the Evil Pharmicist will keep getting away with things. And those closing narrations are getting a bit perfunctory. Lost, with last night's episode (that recapped the first 48 days of the survivors from the tail section, over on the other side of the island), maintains a considerable dramatic edge, even if revelations about the central mystery of the island and the 'Others' are increasingly scant. Was last night's 'Nathan' a clue (there was a suspicious Nathan in the first season, IIRC), or just a clever bit of misdirection?

Today's mystery is why a book came in the mail packaged as a free enrollment bonus from a book club that I didn't enroll in... a book that I already bought and read a year ago, so even if I had enrolled in that club and forgotten about it, I wouldn't have selected that book as my freebie. Hmm.
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