Friday, October 28, 2005

October Interim 

I'm back from my business trip to within the beltway, catching up on news and posting pages for the new issue, which was scheduled to have been mailed yesterday. Still have numerous 'blinks' to post.

It's a busy season for new books, and I saw a bunch more on my weekly (or so) bookstore visit today. For a couple months now there have been 20 or more new books to list each week, more than the typical 10 or 12 average in slower parts of the year. And I ordered that new Bruce Sterling, which has arrived. There will be one more new books page, sometime early next week, before I'm off to World Fantasy Con on Thursday.

And now we're watching 'Desperate Housewives'... on DVD... and I'm impressed and involved despite initial skepticism. It's the ongoing story, the introduction of a mystery (why did one of the housewives commit suicide?) in the first episode, making it a developing story analogous to Lost's, and the arch voice-over narration (by the woman who committed suicide) that makes it considerably more than any standard sitcom. So far; I've seen the disappointed buzz about the current season, which we aren't watching. It seems to be suffering the sophomore year slump even worse than Lost's.

And the news about George Takei? Please. I met his partner at an event 15 years ago...
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