Friday, June 24, 2005

Summer Awards... 

are upon us, with three sets of finalists announced today [well, today partly because I didn't get around to posting the Campbell and Sturgeon finalists until today, though I've had them since Monday] and four major awards due to be announced in the next three weeks -- that would be the Stokers, this weekend; the Locus winners, over July 4th weekend; and the Campbell and Sturgeon awards, the weekend after that.

I'm over the flu pretty much, though still behind, as usual. A review from Rick Klaw soon; 3rd week books; classic reprints; etc.

I've managed to get on the program for Interaction, the Worldcon in Glasgow this August, if only because they felt obliged to invite all of the Hugo nominees. I'm doing a panel on reviewing, Thursday at 5pm -- even though I'm not currently a reviewer, though I certainly have opinions about it -- and an 'in memoriam' panel Friday at 7pm, presumably because I post death notices here on the site.

Read Michael Cunningham's Specimen Days this week, and will plan to comment about it soon...
Hi Mark,

Glad to hear you're mostly over the flu. Get well soon.

And I wanted to let you know I enjoyed the "Merrick Biotech" ad. It was an entertaining diversion this morning. I knew something had to be up, but it still had me going for a while (Google set me straight, as usual. They may be worth more than every company I've ever worked for combined, but at least I never have to fall for an urban myth again).

- John
Merrick Biotech ad?
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