Friday, August 27, 2004

All Right, I'm Actually Starting to Become Slightly Annoyed 

Something happened overnight. This morning, there were 1100 new emails in my inbox--99.2% of them spam--the total previously typical for an entire day (where the nighttime hours were relatively slow). From this morning to this afternoon, another 1200. The spam rate has suddenly doubled. Anyone else noticed this???

Thanks for the responses to my earlier post, and suggestions; I'll check them out. I've got to do *something*.
I use the free/open source mail client "thunderbird". It has a built in spam filter that, after very little "learning" creates a very adaptive and successfull spam filter. Mark it as spam and it learns and recognizes other messages with same return address or title etc as spam. People in your address book are automatically recognized as not spam. It directs stuff to a spam folder, where it is easy to find fals positives. It's easier to check for false positives once a day, then it is to try to find ALL of your real email admidst all spam.

Check it out at http://www.mozilla.org/products/thunderbird/

Good luck.
I would like to know if you received a press-release from me regarding results of European SF convention held in Plovdiv in August?

Regards, Boris Sidyuk
Kiev, Ukraine
Hope you got my last couple of emails, Mark. No need to reply if so. - JeffV
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