Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Holiday Makeover 

With time off from the day job of nearly two weeks, and various family and holiday events, the days pass at this time of year in an unstructured blur that leaves my usual schedule in tatters. The website is reasonably up to date as of today, but the awards index site still needs tweaking before it can be posted, and I haven't yet gotten to doing a tally of 2003 books that have appeared on various best-of-year lists, as I did last year.

Despite which, the turning of the calendar invites reconsideration of old patterns and habits. I'm considering revising the Locus Online homepage to be more strictly chronological, pretty much in the manner of Slate, and doing away with the What's New page, which would then be redundant. I'm continually looking for ways to streamline the production of the website, and this is the next obvious candidate.

As always, comments pro or con are invited, but I so rarely get any kind of feedback to what I do on the website, that I'm not holding my breath for such comments before I make the change. It depends more on when I find time to implement it...
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