Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Busy Busy 

Interesting Stephen King essay in last week's Entertainment Weekly about the 'laziness of baby boomers' as an explanation for why King's books don't sell in the numbers they used to. I checked the ET website over the weekend and couldn't find a link; checking again just now, searching the site a different way, I did find a link, and added it to the Blinks column on the Locus Online homepage.

He makes interesting points, though as a rule I'm suspicious of 'it was so much better in the old days' arguments. There are usually other explanations...

Between the holidays, family visits, planning parties, and a week-long formal assessment of our process maturity at my day-job, it's been busy lately, but I'll try to resume daily posts here presently. How did I ever get everything done in the old days when I wrote a Locus review column-- and in December had a best-of-year list and essay to compose as well??
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