Thursday, October 30, 2003

Capitol Dome 

Two days touring DC, via bus and lots of walking; National Cathedral, Washington Monument, Arlington Cemetery, several museums. I didn't plan the trip well enough to have requested White House tour tickets. Regular checks of the fire news back home, while Y made regular cellphone calls to his lab, where urgent retests were in progress in response to FDA findings a couple weeks ago. Circumstances made for some stress; it isn't the best time for either of us to be across the country from home.

At the convention hotel, well-dressed attendees to a children's safety conference earlier in the week gave way to familiar fantasy folk by last night. Had a nice chat with the always cheerful Jonathan Strahan.

I hadn't intended this blog to be merely a record of my daily activities -- which couldn't possibly interest more than 3 or 4 people -- much less a reaction to fire news (see David Gerrold's blog for that), but rather a place to chat about books, discuss reading, etc. Maybe after this trip is over. And I should set up a way to accept comments.. or port this whole thing over to Movable Type. Advice welcome. Gotta go.

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