Thursday, October 23, 2003

A Different View 

Alrightie, here's one more overhaul of the design, after browsing yet more blogs and deciding to free myself from the boxy layouts of my other sites. To see the earlier design, look at the archive page; I've only updated the current page, not the entire site. (I started, in my design effort, with the template for Steven Johnson's blog. And I changed my mind about a non-fixed-width site.) Still not quite ready to link this to the Locus Online site so that anyone but me can see this; though when I do, I can easily edit these earlier entries to remove or edit comments such as these. [*Not to mention the remarks removed HERE!*] And, still need to work on link colors, unvisited and visited.

--Well, no, I seem to have overwritten the template for archive entries after all. Oh well. Still tweaking settings; back to the drawing board. Perhaps I'll link this to the Locus Online site before I leave for DC in a few days. Or perhaps I'll change my mind and ditch the whole idea. Who would miss it?

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