Sunday, April 20, 2008

Spam Attack 

Today I've been inundated by 2000+ emails in my inbox (meaning that the Outlook junk e-mail filter didn't filter them) all with subjects along the lines of 'delivery status (failure)' and 'mail system error - returned' and 'undelivered mail return to sender', all with email attachments which *appear* to be spam emails sent from *my* email address, i.e. online@locusmag.com, and returned by spam filters at their target addresses. Is this some new form of phishing, perhaps, or has my email address been hijacked, or identity thieved, by actual spammers? I've queried my hosting service and not heard back yet. At a minimum, it makes finding legitimate emails in my inbox much more difficult. Anyone know about this?

Last few Locus Poll ballots are trickling in -- some paper ballots that have to be transcribed by the office staff into the online form -- but I expect that we will be able to post 'Locus Award finalists', as we've done in previous years, within the next week sometime.
My fianceƩ has gotten the same flood of bounces in her e-mail. It's definitely something that's spoofed your e-mail address, convincing mail servers that reject them to send them right back at you. Very annoying.
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