Saturday, August 15, 2009

Meanwhile, Behind the Scenes... 

I have, off and on, for several days now, been working to complete the final phase of the Locus Online Redesign Project, which means specifically to convert the two initial site blogs, News and Roundtable, to the format of the site homepage and the other blogs (such as Reviews), with the same page width, the same menu bar across the top, and a similar right sidebar.

Converting those two initial blogs is not a trivial task, alas; those blogs descended from different stylesheets, and different Blogger templates, than the current batch, and, well, it's like trying to plastic-surgically modify cousins a couple times removed to appear identical. But I expect to resolve the details soon, in another day or two.

Meanwhile, I've read a few books lately (as displayed in the right sidebar here), and plan to resume my own style of brief book notes/reviews in this blog shortly.... as soon as I finish those redesign tasks.
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