Friday, April 10, 2009

Furiously In Work 

The redesign is furiously in work; the CSS team is daily battling over which tags should be in the homepage style sheet and which in lower level sheets; the graphics team is tired of resizing and rebuilding gradient files again and again, and warns us against too many drop-shadows; the Blogger team is weary of dumbing down its template tags to match the basic tags that the other teams only know how to build. The javascript team is supplying interesting solutions, but too many. The benchmarking team keeps reminding us of how other far better websites solve their hierarchy and layout problems... though somehow their solutions never quite fit here. But the battles will be resolved soon, and a unified solution will be the result. Or at least more unified. Less an assemblage of static pages and vaguely similar blog posts, more a site where the patchwork is not so evident. Less an amateur site, more a semi-semi-professional site, or at least an incredible simulation of a semi-professional publication. But don't let us get started on 'semi-professional'.
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