Sunday, September 10, 2006

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A quick note to mention that this blog is currently a "featured blog" on the Analog and Asimov's blog pages, here linked. Willie Garcia of Dell Magazines sent me a form to sign and fax back, as if permission to link were some official legal thing. In contrast, I've always assumed that anything accessible on the web is free game, public knowledge, no permission required, as I tell those occasional e-mail inquirers who think that they need my permission to link to Locus Online. (Of course most such e-mails have other ends in mind.)

Meanwhile, three forthcoming posts here are in work or in thought, one on ISBNs, one on reading HP Lovecraft, and one on reading metrics. In work for weeks or months, in the latter cases. Perhaps I take this blog too seriously..? As if anyone is reading?
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