Monday, August 22, 2005

Little Lists 

I have in mind two lists to compile at the end of this year, for possible use in Hugo nominating and voting. First, since I have always documented the cover artist in the new book listings for Locus Online, and that data is all gathered in a single database, it will be simple to assemble a selection of cover images for those artists most active producing cover art during the calendar year 2005. The Hugo category of 'best artist' has, by its nature, relied on voters' impressions of the various artists work in general, since there's been no handy way of judging various artists' works from within each eligibility year; compiling images of works from within a single year is a function that a website can easily serve.

Second, I'll start reporting the editors responsible for individual books, in the weekly New Books listings, when that information is available -- to begin with, those Tor books that list the editor on their copyright pages. Again, I'll compile a list by editor at the end of the year. And I'll explore the feasibility of gathering such data from other publishers.
I cannot applaud you enough for compiling a list of cover artists. This is very much needed. This category is too often a popularity contest, and not a reflection of which artists have produced relevant work in the year in question. Thank you!
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