Saturday, October 16, 2004

Checking In, Securely 

Busy week, with little time to post here, though I have several topics to write about that I'm reluctant to specify in much detail lest I defuse the latent impulse to discuss them in full detail--about R.E.M. and music, about Joe Haldeman and reading.

I will mention that the security certificate for locusmag.com has been installed, so those concerned about such things can go ahead and order or subscribe without worries. The general format is such that any page on the site, usually accessed as http://www.locusmag.whatever, will also work as https://secure.locusmag.whatever, where the latter format will make available the details of the secure certificate. (It pops up in some browsers; in others, go to view/properties.) Links from the homepage to the various order forms have been revised to the secure format, e.g. https://secure.locusmag.com/About/Subscribe.html.
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