Friday, August 31, 2007

Imminent Posts 

I have updates to the website for the September issue of Locus Magazine ready to post, having compiled them over the past couple hours, and now wouldn't you know it, the site itself seems to be down, as is http://www.hostingsupport.com/ (where I file complaints) and http://www.cihost.com/ itself, which also means I can't download any e-mail (the last incoming was an hour ago).

Hopefully that will clear up soon -- if my calculations are correct, the Hugo Awards will be announced very early in the morning on Saturday, my time, and I'm planning to post them as soon as I can find them, or anyone sends them to me.

Also, September banner ads on the homepage are ready to post. Blogger, host of this blog, is entirely separate and working just fine, enabling me to write this post.... If the problem with locusmag.com clears up soon enough, I may delete it...

Update 7:30 local time: connection issues cleared; new issue pages posted....
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