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Tom Disch; Linkages 

With the Disch obit today, a couple hours' work upon my arrival home from a July 4th trip, I've tried posting the entire thing on its own page, with its own URL, rather than only on the homepage, to see if this attracts any kind of permanent notice. In particular, Google, I've noticed, compiles new content when posted on new pages, but not new content merely posted on a site's homepage. I'm curious now to see if Google compiles my Disch obit, where they didn't compile my Budrys obit...

Disch was one of my favorite authors, in the sense that he was on my 'A list' -- one of those dozen or so authors whose new books would cause me to replan my schedule and set aside everything else to read their new books. I kept looking forward to The Pressure of Time, one of those great heralded but never completed novels, and though I've not reread them in years, I remember the impact that stories like "The Asian Shore" and "Casablanca" and "Understanding Human Behavior" made on me. And On Wings of Song, of the novels...
I actually have never read his great novels. I guess that's because I mostly read short fiction and news. I remember him most for his writing and criticism at the Nation which was brilliant. Best takedown ever of Whitley Streiber. Don't know if his nonfiction was ever collected. The best obit I've read so far comes from the Daily Kos.


I guess I'll start looking to see if I still have that copy of "Camp Concentration"...
"...I've tried posting the entire thing on its own page, with its own URL, rather than only on the homepage, to see if this attracts any kind of permanent notice."

Speaking as someone who started doing writing for fanzines in 1971, and who has been blogging since 2001, has been an on and of low level sf professional in the editorial field since 1975, and who has oftimes expressed surprise to friends that Locus Online never uses permalinks, thus making it impossible to ever usefully link to the site for most pieces of news, I'd be surprised if you made much of a difference at present, since there's still no -- to my fallible eye -- visible permalink anywhere on the Locus page.

I comment on this because by coincidence, I was just saying to Moshe Feder in instant messaging, how silly it was that Locus Online never... etc. This in the context of my mentioning that I would have linked in my own Disch post, but couldn't.

I still see no permalink. And I only clicked on your blog by coincidence, too. :-)

Hmm, wait, I do see a link to your July 6th entry, but it was the later one I would have linked to. And since they're not all in one post, well....

Still something of a problem here, in other words, to my eye. But maybe that's just me. I do heartily encourage you to start using permalinks for all entries, and also to add links in all entries to all related entries.

I post a lot of sf-related posts, btw, but never have gotten linked to from LO yet. Oh, the pain, the pain.
Gary -- *most* Locus Online content is posted on unique pages which inherently have permanent links -- looking down the homepage, the Bestsellers, the New Books, the Disch obit, the Cory column, etc. The URLs those titles link to are permanent links. They don't say 'permalink' because I don't use a blog engine to generate the entire site, but they're as perma as any permalink anywhere. The exceptions are short items where I'm pointing to content on someone else's site, rather than reposting it myself--the IHG nominees, the bunch of Disch links, the Campbell Sturgeon winners, etc.; they're not posted on separate pages of LO, though I suppose they could be. Ditto for all the items in the left under 'Blinks'.

As for linking to you, most of what I link is sent to me, or is picked up via Google news searches. Just drop me an email, for anything you have that's blinkworthy.
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